Repeating tracks with DJay and auto mixing

Hello to all. how can you prevent it from repeating tracks even if the auto next queue table is empty? I had several instances where this happened and luckily I was around to transition to the next track before a disaster happened. What do I need to do to alleviate this? I made sure the next track was highlighted but maybe I misreading something in the help manual. I’m a blind user who uses this software via voice over btw.


Tc all and be blessed.

It is and I make sure the file for me to start speaking which is believe it or not 3 minutes of silence is loaded… Unfortunately sometimes it will jump back to the top and play the intro of my show and i have to scramble. What also makes it hard is that in the auto mix table the tracks are labeled cryptically. something like on air AC8070 or something like that so I have no way of knowing what’s on next. Should I queue up the whole in tire playlist and just go from memory during this 2 hour thing I do each week? or what. How can I make my 2 hour thing and sometimes 4 or 6 hours easier on myself. I don’t want to sit there and transition from track to track manually. lol!

I do a classical show so that’s what makes it tricky. I have an unedited aiff file of the archive if you want me to upload it some ware. It starts out good until about when the commercial brake starts to play. lol!

I hope I"m making myself clear.

Hi Sarah,

As soon as the queue is empty, djay will automatically load songs from the selected source playlist. It’s the playlist that is currently selected when you start Automix.

I have a similar question. I have thousands of songs. 100 are in a certain playlist. When I automix that playlist, like half the songs will play over and over again when in shuffle. IF I do automix with the playlist OFF shuffle, they just play one after another, but I want random Do I have to setup a queue, go through all my songs and add my 100 and play the queue to get a true shuffled automix has no way to stop repeating tracks?