replacing deck 3 and 4 select buttons on ddj sb3 with key commands

hi! so i have a ddj-400 and my friend has a ddj-sb3 which is different to mine in the way that it has built in deck 3 and 4 selector buttons which allow for u to control djay pro 2 in 4 deck mode with only a 2 deck controller. my controller does not have this feature, therefore i have to use a key command to trigger the same feature on my ddj-400. when i loaded the ddj-sb3 onto djay pro 2 and opened the configuration menu and pressed the deck 3 and 4 switch buttons in the menu it doesnt trigger any midi notes at all. it seems like the feature is built in to the controller even though it perfectly works fine by default in djay pro 2. how can i set up a key command that does the same thing? (individually switching controller decks 1 and 2 to control 3 and 4 with two buttons via key commands) really need this so i can ditch my ddj200 and use just my ddj400. thank u sm!!!

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why not use your ddj400 for deck 1/2 and ddj200 for deck 3/4 ? :slight_smile:

haha it is very impractical and I would like to not have to use two separate controllers if possible, im confused as to how it can even function if it doesn’t show up in midi configuration when pressed

you can plug 2 controllers to djay
you just need to remap the second to use deck 3 and 4 in midi settings

I’ve just had a look at the deck 3 & 4 buttons on my SX2 and they don’t appear in the midi mapping table either.

Looks like you’re out of luck with the idea of remapping those or replicating them via another controller button.



hmm Sootee, if it is like my DDJ-SP2, you have an hardware button which is not midi mapped however you can activate it on the DDJ and it should change the midi message sent whether you use deck1/2 or deck 3/4 i think…
need to check

Hi, yes the buttons are hardware mapped, I might not have explained myself very well.

What I was trying to get across to @malldatexoxo was that no amount of trying to remap the 400 to replicate the 3 & 4 buttons is going to work for him as they are not available as a software option in the midi table….

I think he was trying to turn his 2 channel into a 4 channel by replicating the 3 & 4 buttons onto a button on his 400…maybe I read it wrongly but if that is what he wants it’s not going to happen as they are hardware.

Hopefully that makes a bit more sense…:smiley:

Hi @malldatexoxo,

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Am I correct in saying that you are trying to create a key command in which you can switch decks 1+2 to become decks 3+4 similar to how the DDJ-SB3 has the “Deck Selector” buttons on either side of the controller (due to the lack of said buttons on the DDJ-400)?

Looking forward to your response!

This would be fantastic! A key command to switch the decks that DDJ-400 is running, from 1 and 2 to switched to 3 and 4 = If key board shortcut lets say cmd+d is pressed, midi command “x” controls deck 4 instead of 2. No re-midi mapping or so needed, just some new code behind the scenes…