Reporting Issues Effectively

I and I suspect the community would like to know the most effective way to report issues - especially crashes, and how they are followed up.

Obviously experiencing bugs in any software is frustrating and the nature of software is complex, so we need a step by step guide to reporting issues.

Thus, can Algoriddm confirm the following :-

  1. Exactly what information is necessary / useful when reporting an issue (e.g: OS / App versions)?

  2. On a crash, do the dJay apps automatically send you a crash report? If not how do we get / send the crash report

  3. Can Algoriddm keep an issue topic up to date so that customers know their issue is being investigated.

  4. It would be nice to know what issues will be fixed in the next release of upcoming App updates.

Perhaps add this information to an FAQ.

many thanks

Please can the staff give proper consideration to my important request above
i.e: how to report issues and receive feedback from Algoriddim.
It’s super import that customers can rely on communication in these forums and know that staff are monitoring to let people know things are being fixed when issues arise.
I work in software, so I appreciate various complexity involved, thus give uses an effective way to report issues and progress on fixes.
It’s been a YEAR and no staff have commented on this.

Hi Alex,

thank you for pointing this out.

The community is a place of open communication, therefore every topic issue, which might affect others too should be dealt with here.

The problem especially with crashes are, they are unspecific on the first look and specific on the second.

If your app is crashing please follow these steps and send us the according Crash report via in order to deal with them separately.

Mac :

open “Console”# go to “User Reports”

select the latest djay Pro “.crash” file and send the crash text to

I’ll pass the crash report internally to our developers so they can have a look at it.
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.


go to and download DebugView# unzip the folder

open the folder and double click “Dbgview.exe”

try to launch djay Pro

wait until it has crashed

select the whole content

press “ctrl” + “c” to copy the text

paste it via “ctrl” + “v” to this mail or to a text editor file and send it to support@algoriddim.comto me


Follow this guide:

Thank you in advance and we will continue to keep you up to date.

Good idea