Reposition next Automix track

I have several iTunes playlists for different parts of a wedding reception. The intro playlist is played in shuffle mode. The next playlist will be straight through, no shuffle. I forgot to flip the Shuffle switch to off, so when the playlist loaded it started at a song in the middle of the list (“Lotus Blossom”) - that’s understandable.

What I wanted to do from there is let Lotus Blossom play, then set the FIRST song in the playlist on the second turntable (“Lisa”), and have the list play through in sequence from there. The next song then should be #2 (“Any Kind of Light”). Instead, it loaded the song after Lotus Blossom, not the song after Lisa.

What that ultimately meant is that I had to manually load each song in order rather than let the playlist run through. A hassle. Any way you can fix that?


Automix doesn’t register if you manually load another song and this is the intended behavior.

In your case, you could add the songs to the Automix Queue List.
djay will automatically play the songs from this list in the exact same order you put them and as soon as the list is empty, djay will revert back to the selected source playlist.

I guess it would just be nice to be able to SPECIFY what the next song to be played in the playlist would be when you go to the Add A Song pop-up window.