Request failed:401(401)

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  • Device model * Samsung phone Galaxy A23
  • Version of operating system * Version One UI 6.1
  • Version of djay *5.1.7

How to reproduce the issue:

Hi, I’ve been encountering an issue where Tidal logs out automatically. When I attempt to log back in, I receive a ‘Request fail: 401’ error. After several attempts, it eventually logs back in.”
But it has happend on several occasions now.

Thanks, Illya

Hi @illya_kroon,

  1. Please confirm that you have an active subscription for the TIDAL Individual Plan + the DJ extension.
  2. If so, please log out of all TIDAL apps and browsers on all of your devices including within djay.
  3. Close djay and reboot your device.
  4. Launch djay and log back into TIDAL only in djay.

@Slak_Jaw Hi, yes, I do have a Tidal subscription with the DJ extension. And yes, I did reboot it, and now it works. However, this isn’t supposed to happen with such frequency. It happened last Sunday and again last night.

Hi @illya_kroon, thanks for the additional information. I have forwarded this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce the issue and offer any suggestions. I’ll report back here when I have news. In the meantime, please let me know if the issue returns. Thanks!

Hi @illya_kroon, do you have a Windows, macOS or iOS device that you can test to see if you have the same problem on those platforms?

Hi Slak_Jaw, this issue only happend on Android Samsung phone

Thanks for checking @illya_kroon