Request failed: internal server error (500)

Having paid for this software, the matching software worked like a treat the first day I used it. Let me down in the middle of a house party right when it would have been a blast. What the hell is going on. This issue needs to be fixed or you’re refunding me. Solutions please???!

Before you ask:

  1. i’ve already signed out of Spotify and signed back in
  2. I’m running the latest operating system on a mac, and have the up to date version of DJAY

Hi Nish,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear about your issue.
Can you tell us which djay version (Pro/4/…) you are using?
Is your problem reproducible?

Lukas E.

Hi everyone,

I had the same problem and I think it solves, erasing and installing the program again.
Now everything is ok.
I hope that your can also solve the problem.

Thanks and greetings

Hi Lukas,

I’m using DJAY pro on a mac. I just tried and the issue seems to have resolved itself. Must have been a server issue or something.