Request for a batch/mass way to half/double the BPM

Hi @Algoriddim. I wanted to know if you will ever implement an analysis bpm range for those of us who like to mix open format and prefer tracks above 115 to be halftimed (ex 128 > 64, 132 > 66) etc.

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If I’m understanding this correctly you want to be able to half the bpm of some tracks to allow mixing with tracks at double the speed and vice versa? If so this is possible by accessing the BPM menu and selecting the half / double button:

I did this on my phone, but it’s accessible on Mac and Pc too

Hi: sort of but a batch/mass way to half/double the BPM.

I see, no way yet that I know of. Personally I would filter my master playlist by bpm (for open format sets) and look for any tracks exceeding the bpm mark you want to half, then do it as I load the track. The work flow could be streamlined by assigning/mapping the half bpm button to a controller button.

Good luck with the request :+1:t2:


Hi @Beepboop00,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

I will make sure your request gets sent over to the dev team for further review.

Additionally, thanks @Private_Repress for assisting!

Have a nice day!

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