Request to Keep Support for NON-Pro DJay for Mac

Would like to pre-emptively request you keep support for non-Pro orig. DJay for Mac, rather than gradually abandoning it as developers often do, *especially* since it was a paid app, and not a cheap one.

I haven’t had any problems (fingers crossed, yet) including controling with Remote on iPhone. But I fear it could be a bad omen that you seem to have deleted all trace of it from Mac App Store and your website. Even on this forum, it’s not included among the Related Product / Service choices, which especially concerns me.

It would be great if you still offered the lower price version, including for people like me if they need to re-download install from the App Store. It does everything users like me need it to do, I’m sure the Pro is great, but it’s overkill for me. Please make sure not to, like Apple does so often, hang past product users out to dry!

Hi Brian,

I am very sorry to tell you that with the release of djay Pro, we stopped supporting the djay remote. Please note that you are free to use it with your djay version, but we are not submitting further changes to the remote.
Thank you very much and I hope you understand.

Lukas E.

Thanks for your reply Lukas. Although Djay remote is a great feature,hopefully dropping it will not affect my use of it with regular, non-Pro Djay. It really seems a shame to drop it, as I have not seen anything remotely (pun alert) like it with other player apps. iTunes has it’s own Remote, but don’t get me started on what a buggy nightmare it is, essentially worthless as far as reliability - where as yours really works! It’s what I use even around the house instead of Apple’s broken app they refuse to fix. Please reconsider dropping it!

My main concern is that regular Djay continue to work with future iOS versions. I guess that would mean making updates available if necessary, but that is sounding unlikely. Hopefully it will continue to work for a good while, as again, it was not free or cheap. I guess another unlikely thing would be a cheaper upgrade to Pro available to those who bought the previous version. But should it become obsolete, please consider! Pro’s price tag is too much to pay to replace a previous version if you have no use for rhe additional features, as is my case.