required accessories for Pre-cueing with Djay Pro for Mac

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I’d like to use Djay Pro for Mac, but I’d like to know which split cable or Usb audio interface I shall use, in order to pre-cue please ?

Hey there! That depends on several things. Are you planning to go Mac only- to your speakers or PA system? Or planning on using a controller?

There are lots of “splitter cables” that may or may not work. Oddly enough, the one that I’ve had the most success with is Traktor’s splitter cable. It’s a bit pricey at $10 USD, but it works flawlessly every single time. Definitely worth it.

Native Instruments Traktor 8-Inch DJ Cable for iPad/iPhone…


as boogiedj already pointed out, it depends on what speakers you want to use.

You can use a Splitter Cable if Mono output is fine for you. Another option would be to look out for a sound card in order to output the two different stereo channels.


Lukas E.

I’m actually planning to use my Mac with external speakers (small ones for computers, like Logitec). I don’t intend to use a controller.

Hi Lukas, thank you for your feed-back.

Are there any specific references of splitter cable or sound cable you would recommend please ? 

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Thank you very much !