Reset Eq, FX, Tempo option, turns off after connecting/turning on controller

Noticed this from 4.0.10 but still happening in 4.0.11.
IOS, Numark NS6ii

I have had the option “Reset Eq, FX, Tempo” turned on and unchanged since it was added years ago and never turn it off.
Recently I thought weird things were happening on my Numark controller (NS6ii) until I realised the above option was turned off. I turned it back on and all was good. Next day it was off again.

After testing it out I have found that Djay is turning off the option when the controller is connected/turned on.
On loading Djay I go to settings/general and make sure the option is turned on… After turning on the controller and returning to settings/general, the option is turned off.
If I turn the option back on and then either Disconnect the usb c connector and reconnect or turn the power off and back on. The option is turned back off again.

I am not sure if this is just A Numark NS6ii issue, a multiple Numark controller issue or a general Controller issue. Hopefully some of you guys out there can check this out to see if it’s affecting you too. It would be very helpful if you can test this out, even if you usually have this option turned off.

Thank you.

Please note. The Djay software on its own, saves and restores the option as before. This turning off of the option is only happening when a controller is connected/powered on/reset.

Although I use my heavily modified midi configuration, I also tested this with the “built-in” unmodified midi mapping, with the same results.

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I have done further testing now with two different Numark controllers and a Pioneer controller.
The Reset EQ feature automatically turns off when connecting any controller rather than remembering the state that the DJ set it to. This is new since 4.0.10.
The Djay software remembers the setting without a controller connected when restarted but then turns off anytime a controller is connected/turned on.

Hi @SteNight,

Thank you for your post and for the additional information/testing!

I will be happy to look into this more and report back with my findings! Be assured I will keep you updated here with any news as it comes in!