Reset Gain ?

Hi, I have turned off reset EQ and the gain still resets to below nominal, is this something I can change please ?

I also wonder about the gain.
There is definately something strange going on with the levels. Adjusting for the right levels are so important for making a great mix

I use a reloop beatpad with djay2 and i can not use it for anything else than mixing modern tracks with more or less the same high level now.

I decided to leave the gain-buttons in the middle because as son as i touch them the level can “suddenly” change drastically up or down depending on how i turn it. it’s very frustrating and i do not know it this is a controller-error or it is just an bug in djay2. I have tried all the combinatiosn of settings i could think of

Good to know I’m not the only one, I’m using a wego3 and also not sure if a hardware or app setting, on loading a new track it sets a gain default to below middle, which is too love for recording and a pain to keep adjusting each time hopefully they’ll get back to me too with a solution,


thank you for contacting us. Could you tell us which device you are using besides the Mixtour?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Having the same problem with reloop Mixtour controller.