Resetting Speed Slider by Double tapping not working After depressing Sync

DJay Pro V 1.3.1/iMac Pro OS X El Capitan V 10.11.5

Resetting the Speed Slider by Double tapping not working After depressing Sync.

If you manually drag the speed slider in any direction, Double tapping the speed slider will reset the pitch to 0%.
But if you tap the SYNC button to match the speed of the opposite Deck,
Double tapping the speed slider will not reset to 0%.


Hey Lukas,
No controller being used.


Hey Lukas; Alex,

As of today all of the following have been tested by me and are still occurring.
Djay Pro Mac v1.4.3…MacOS Sierra v 10.12.4
This is an important thread as these problems involve the core App behavior with no external gear involved.

Since this post, I sent you a video that actually proved 3 problems with Djay Pro Via Mac.
The first 2 problems were confirmed with Alex (who’s been a great help) on 1 email thread and the 3rd problem on a seperate thread.
Would anyone be able to give us any news involving the issues on that video?

  1. Loading new song plays automatically even if “automatically start playing song” is unchecked in settings (this only happens if active playing deck’s tempo is at “0”).
    NOTE: This issue only effects the Mac version AND iOS iPhone, but not iOS iPad. Weird.

  2. Double tapping slider for newly loaded song will not set to “0”,
    if active deck is set to “0” and newly loaded song’s BPM is within ".000 of active deck.
    (i.e. Deck 1 tempo 120 bpm set at “0” green light on…loading Deck 2 is 120 bpm but green light is off).

  3. I’ve discovered that the Beat grids will not cloud properly if a user switches versions when using the Djay App ecosystem.
    (i.e. Using Djay 2 iPad then using Djay Pro and vice versa). Can only use the iOS Pro version, especially if a user is using Djay Pro Mac version.

I am not a performer, but I do record and post Mixes online.
My goal is to record live 1 take. This is difficult when dealing with these 3 issues that are known.
I believe it is crucial that the core features of the Djay App ecosystem work as they should.
And as glitches are discovered it’s critical that these problems are solved asap.
I can only imagine how busy your team is in trying to solve these issues.
So for that I thank your team. Cross my fingers.

Hi there,

double tapping the speed slider with an active sync is resetting it to 0%.
Are you using a controller or any other device with your setup which might cause the explained behaviour?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

sorry to tell you LaidbackFred, but while the sync is active double tapping is resetting the according slider to 0% while the sync is still staying active.

Could you give us further information or send us an exemplary video via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.