Restore FX and Red Skin Purchases

Thanks for the gold skin, it is awesome, however, I am still unable to restore my red shin and FX purchases unto my iPhone.

Are there any plans to fix this, or a work around?

$9.99 is a lot to pay for something you can’t use.

Also, I bought the gold skin on my iPhone, how do I get to the skin store on my iPad to get it, I accidentally dismissed the pop-up about the gold skin?

I had to rebuy the gold skin on the iPad, and I found the skin store when I updated the app, now just need to know about FX purchases, they work on my iPad but not on my iPhone. (They used to, but I recently did a factory reset)

Please make sure “iCloud Drive” is enabled for djay 2 on ALL of your devices. Make sure you’re connected to the same Apple ID.
Now, please fully shut down djay 2, start it again and select “Restore” Purchases.

Sorry to hear that, Adrian. Please directly contact “”, so we can find a solution here.

It does’nt work

o meu só vive assim e eu quero comprar Skin