Restore playlists after songs disappeared

Hi there,

Suddenly my whole library is empty on iOS, while yesterday everything was still there. I didn’t use my iPad in the meantime, so I have no clue what happened. I can link folder again to Linked Folders and then it loads the tracks there with the cue points. Now I’m trying to get my playlists back too, but I can’t figure out or find online how to restore the automated backup (with .djayMediaLibrary extention). When I try to open it, it says: Could not load track. The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 2003334207).

Can you please tell me how to restore my playlists?

Some additional info:

  • I haven’t rebooted my iPad since everything worked properly yesterday
  • I didn’t change any of the locations of my files
  • djay Pro AI version 4.0.11

Kind regards,

Auto iOS update maybe?

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