Restore previous track and cue settings after restarting

Good day!

This is a request, or maybe rather a bug report, for the following.

After close and restart, I would like that the following settings are restored from the previous session:

  • Right/Thru/Left settings of the tracks (I use 4 track view),
  • Sync settings of the tracks,
  • Pre-cue settings, regardless of pre-cue output, e.g. Cue/Mix ratio and split que setting.


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That is a very good idea. Just finish play a session myself and was playing with another Dj. And unfortunately when I load up the application again, my Crossfader settings and pre-q settings have to be changed from scratch.

What would be nice if the application had a profile that saves all your settings

@Brainbox I agree with your comments!
Please include

  • set fx plus fader plus dry/wet
  • set transpose

Thank you.