Restoring playlists using backup files

Hi, I created a long playlist in a 2021 version of DJ Pro. My iMac hard drive then broke. I bought a new iMac and downloaded DJ Pro AI. I have the backup files from 2021 and all the music files (that have not yet been imported them into DJ Pro AI). When I open the backup file nothing happens. The DJ Pro manual doesn’t talk about backups. My question: Is there a way to use the backup files to recreate my original playlist, and what are the steps for doing this? Thx in advance.

a great question. can we use DJAY pro backups to restore music files?

Hi @backyardwoodworksla,

The djaymedialibrary backup is a database that contains saved hot cues, saved loops, My Collection playlists and other meta data. This database file does not contain any of the actual music library files.

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