I have been using djay for a few years now and moved to windows last year. As a user on an iOS device this application is a serious player in the game however on windows I feel the company should just give up and offer refunds and apologies to everyone and delete the app as it doesn’t work full stop. There are no worthy updates you cannot rely on the system to dj at any level apart from your bedroom and the support is non existent. The new version on iOS/Mac is brilliant and works well with what I do week in week out but I do shudder when I think that I might use windows version for a gig when I haven’t got my iPad so much I chicken out and use another app instead. I will purchase a new laptop in the guise of a MacBook soon as my schedule is getting so busy with gigs but I cannot run windows with this software as it sucks. Sorry algoriddim just bring out the white flag and admit defeat now before YouTube bigs you down with videos of djs on windows using djay pro crying like babies