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¿Saben si puedo regresar a la versión 5.1.3? Uso mucho la opción “Rating” y en esta actualización “5.1.6” sigue sin funcionar.
Espero me ayuden a regresar a la versión 5.1.3

Do you know if I can go back to version 5.1.3? I use the “Rating” option a lot and in this update “5.1.6” still does not work.
I hope you can help me return to version 5.1.3

Hi @DjPiloto, please type your post in English. Thanks!

You can just copy it and use translate.

Hi @DjPiloto,

I wanted to check in to see if you are still experiencing this issue in Djay.

Additionally, what version of djay are you looking to roll back on?