REV 1 Performance Issue with iPad Pro

The rev 1 starts off with tight integration but then after about 1 hour. The jog wheels are very hesitant. Scratching is impossible the decks freeze causing me to have to reload the song. Not very professional. Djay version 5.1.2

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Thanks for the info @Five-0. As requested in the topic template, please share which version of djay Pro you are using.

Version 5.1.2 djay pro


  1. How exactly are you connecting the REV1 to your iPad? Direct with USB-B to C cable or with a USB-C Hub? Please share photos of the connections if possible.
  2. Is your iPad connected to power with the original Apple charger and charging properly when the REV1 is connected?
  3. Are you using the latest REV1 firmware from Pioneer?

@Five-0, in addition to the potential power and firmware issues above, I suggest the following to maximize the performance and stability of your iPad while DJing:

  1. Delete Unnecessary Apps. I treat my iPad as a professional piece of hardware dedicated to DJing and try not to install anything on I don’t need for performing. I realize this is pretty extreme for most people, but I recommend you remove as many apps as you can.
  2. Free up Storage. Delete photos, videos, large message attachments and anything else unnecessary to maximize free storage space on the device.
  3. Disable Auto-Lock. Personally, I only use manual screen screen lock and never when DJing.
  4. Turn Low Power Mode OFF. This mode reduces performance to maximize battery life.
  5. Disable Background App Refresh
  6. Disable Automatic App Downloads and App Updates in Settings>App Store. Manually update your Apps when you are not DJing.
  7. Disable Automatic iOS Updates in Settings>General>Software Updates. Manually update your iOS when you are not DJing.
  8. Reduce Visual Effects. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Reduce Motion and turn this off to improve device performance.
  9. Turn Bluetooth OFF
  10. Turn WiFi OFF. If you’re not using streaming services, turn WiFi off.
  11. Set Focus to Do Not Disturb during your set to disable all notifications.
  12. Close all other Apps. Only run djay and anything else necessary for your performance.
  13. Restart Device. I always do a system restart a few hours before my set to ensure things are running as smoothly as possible. I also do a Forced Restart on a semi-regular schedule to ensure the OS is running as smoothly as possible: Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA).
  14. Keep the Device Cool. Overheating hinders performance and can cause automatic device shut downs. If you’re playing an outdoor gig, at a bare minimum, keep your device out of direct sunlight.
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I’ll try these and I’ll post the other usb c and power cables I use on Monday

Sounds good. Looking forward to hearing the results.

Although I haven’t tested at a gig yet, it seems my issue may have been resolved. Per your suggestions I realized I was using an after market power brick and power cable. My practice sessions have been perfect since going back to the originals. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works perfect at my gig Wednesday…
Thank you for your support🙏

You’re welcome @Five-0. Glad to hear that helped. Thanks for the follow up as well. Good luck at your next gig.

Now that I have tested it more with the apple power supply I’ve noticed that I may have had multiple causes to issues. When I use songs from a thumb drive it causes pauses or hesitations or even freezes the playing deck. Songs streamed from Apple Music when duplicated to a deck may start at different points. Songs stored on iPad has issues when the thumb drive is attached but none that I have noticed when thumb drive is removed.

Thanks for the updates @Five-0.

  1. How exactly are you connecting the thumb drive to your iPad?
  2. Can you please share the detailed specs for the thumb drive (make, model, size, read/write speed, etc.)
  3. Does the thumb drive only contain music files or does it have other data on it?
  4. How much free space is remaining on the thumb drive?
  5. Have you tried different thumb drives?

Could not deal with the issues so I sold the Rev 1. Using my DDJ SX2 & SR 2 with IPad now

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