REV7 Neural Mix Controls via EQ knobs instead of Scratch Bank?

hey all.

been using djay 5.0 iOS (iphone) & my Rane ONE forever and have gotten used to using the EQ knobs on the RaneONE controlling the Neural Mix stems

just acquired a Pioneer Rev7. works flawlessly w/ djay but the Neural Mix is mapped to the Scratch Bank buttons and not the EQ knobs.

Is there any way to configure it to use the EQ knobs like the RaneONE? These buttons are annoying (for me) tbh… prefer controlling it w/ EQ dials.


You could try Midi mapping the EQ knobs to control the Neural Eq.
I mapped my Rane One and used the Censor/Reverse button to Toggle Neural Mix/Eq.
You could possibly try that with a spare button that you don’t use

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You could map shift and silent cue to toggle between eq and neural mix eq.

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thanks for tip. tried it but doesn’t seem to work? must be missing something (prolly obvious too)

  1. so i go into midi mapping
  2. pressed [SHIFT] + [Silent Cue]
  3. note B8 appears
  4. edited to Neural Toggle
  5. Saved
  6. tested – no luck
  7. restarted app & Rev – no luck

This is my settings. I have Mixon 8 though. I don’t need midi out to be pressed.

Hi @ryca,

  1. You are mapping the correct Action, however, you need to duplicate this button mapping for both Deck 1 and Deck 2.

  2. To duplicate a MIDI command, you need to press on the MIDI command and slide left to reveal the Duplicate option.

  3. One of the commands will have the Target set to Deck 1 and the other set the Target to Deck 2. Both will have the same Action: Toggle Neural Mix - EQ.

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thanks mate, tried as above still couldnt get it to work? must be missing something so obvious. anyway gave up and getting used to the buttons :man_shrugging:

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