Rewire for iOS?

Hi, I just found a nice app called “remixlive” for iOS and I was wondering if there is a “rewire” app or something that works like rewire for iOS? For those who don’t know, rewire is a program or a plugin that will connect music programs on Windows or Mac together so that they work in parallel. Meaning one program lets say pro tools would be the master and programs like “reason” or “abelton live” would run as slaves! All programs are fully functional as they would be running alone, just now they are getting the “tempo” and “key signature” for example from pro tools!
So I was wondering if djay Pro is able to do the same? To run djay pro and at the same time run this “remixlive” app where djay pro is the master and gives the bpm, grid, and sync data to the remixlive app!

Thx for any info :slight_smile:

Hi Andi,

as usual, thank you for your feedback and in this case idea.

At the moment djay 2/Pro for iOS does not support an audio input, it can only be used as audio source for example Garageband via the Audiobus application.

Live performing with apps like “remixlive” and using it as input source for one djay deck is not possible at the moment.

Still we like your thinking and it would be great if other users could upvote your idea and share their feedback about an djay input deck.

Lukas E.