Right Hand Jog Wheel on DDJ WEGO2 with Algoriddim DJay on Mac Air

Hi there, hoping someone can help me?

I use a Pioneer DDJ WEGO2 at home. I prefer to use Algoriddim DJay as i can record with it.

When catching up a tune with the left hand jog wheel, you just do little quarter turns similar to CDJ’s. When i try to do the same with the right hand wheel, you have to spin and spin it to move it even slightly. When doing this with the right hand wheel, the pitch on DJAY flickers. for example between 130 bpm and 131 bpm.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix for it?

I run my software on a Macbook Air OSX Version 10.9.2 and have been told it should be plenty powerful to run the software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi Craig,

Please open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu. Is “Built-in” mapping selected?

Hmm. Which firmware version do you have for your Wego2? Can you perhaps make a short video recording showing the problem?

Thanks for making the video.

It looks like you haven’t installed the firmware update for your WeGo. In order for the updater to work, you need to put your controller into “Update Mode”. As far as I know, you can do this by pressing both headphone buttons above the line faders while switching the controller on. The lights should blink. Then, please start the updater app.

If you’re still experiencing the issues after updating the firmware, please let me know.

Also, really sorry to hear that you had to pay again. You can normally download all previously purchased apps via Mac App Store > Purchases. If this wasn’t the case, please kindly contact Apple Support to ask for a refund.

I haven’t heard of this issue yet, sorry.

Please open the “System Profiler” app on your Mac, select “USB” and click on the controller to display various information, including the firmware version. Please take a screenshot of this window.


Sorry to hear that.

Well, if you ever change your mind and require any further help, just let me know.

Hi Cedric,

Please provide more info so I can better assist you.

  • Do you have djay for Mac, iPad or iPhone?
  • Which djay version number do you have?
  • Do you also have the WeGo 2?
  • Which firmware version is installed on your WeGo2?

Hi there, yes Built In mapping is selected.

So a little more info…
When moving the left hand jog wheel, it stutters the right hand pitch speed (goes - 130bpm - 129.8 bpm - 130bpm etc etc). Same when moving RH jog wheel, but it stutters the RH pitch). As mentioned above you have to spin and spin and spin the RH jog wheel to get any real response out of it.

I have also now tried it with DJAY2 for i-PAD and it does exactly the same thing.

So all issues seem to be with the RH.

Also when i touch the cross-fader on my DDJ WEGO2 it flickers the cross fader on DJAY.

Have now had the DDJ WEGO2 running with Virtual DJ and all operates fine. I would prefer to use DJAY so i can record.

So there must be a software clitch with DJAY? Has anyone else had similar issues?

DJAY is featured on the box for the DDJWEGO and says is compatible?

Thank you again

Will do tonight after work and post for you.


Hi there, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Been so busy with work and haven’t managed to get on the decks.

Here is a link to a video detailing my issues. http://youtu.be/IEHDDMhEsq0

Since then I have ensured i have the up to date firmware for the wego2 and the up to date Algoriddims Djay software. I have in fact deleted the Djay software and started again to see if that worked. I had to pay for it again.

Still having the same issues.

I appreciate your help


Hi mate, yeah i have already done the update for the sego. I have researched to make sure i have the latest update.

The reason i paid again for the Djay software is that i originally bought it through my wifes iTunes.

Clutching at straws i thought perhaps it was corrupted and if i bought it through my own iTunes (started again) then it might work out. No luck. I’m not worries about the fact i paid for it again, i just want it to work properly.

Any more ideas?

Hey Warren, Surely i am not the only person in the world with this issue?

There just does not seem to be a solution? I have uninstalled and re-installed everything, i have re-done all the firmware updates etc.

The biggest issue with this is the RH jog wheel which just does not function as should. You spin and spin and spin it and it barely moves the tune at all.


Hi mate,

Thank you very much for all of your help with this, however I am over it and have bought Traktor, which functions perfectly.


I have The exact same problem. I would very much like to continue using Djay because of the spotify pairing. Has a solution been found yet ?