Roland DJ 505 native support

How likely is it that we will get full iOS Djay support for Roland controllers ? From what I hear they are one of the best controllers on the market. I would really like to try the 505 but without full iOS support I won’t. I saw some previous posts regarding this way back - any update here @algoriddim ?

None of the Roland controllers (202, 505, 707m & 808) are class compliant and therefore require drivers. Only thing that would change that is an update from Roland or for apple to allow iOS to use other drivers. Roland seems to be getting out of the DJ game (for now at least) so I wouldn’t expect any updates and I’m pretty sure most of not all of their controllers are discontinued or in the process of being so. Not sure how the second option would or even could work as I’m not a programmer and don’t know if iOS could be updated to support drivers, or if it would require a new device with a new chip to support them.

Edit: I agree on the Roland controllers though, they are dope. I had an 808 for awhile and it was really nice. Jogs felt good, onboard effects sounded great, faders felt nice and it looked really cool. Also had DVS support. The drum machine was fun to mess around with and creating quick beats to scratch over, but I never used it while mixing.

Thanks for your reply. Someone from Roland once commented in this forum it’s up to the DJ software to integrate their controllers and that they themselves can’t offer midi mapping cause they are in contract with Serato. So my understanding from that is, it would be possible, but up to Algoriddim.

Where did you hear Roland is discontinuing their controllers?

Which compact controller with good sound quality would you be using in combination with Djay and iOS?

Yeah the issue isn’t the midi mapping it’s the drivers. Roland is weird about which devices of theirs are class complaint and which aren’t. If they had/have an exclusive contract with serato it would make sense that they wouldn’t be class complaint since serato is only available on computers so class compliancy isn’t needed. I do love their synths though and hope they get back into the DJ game at some point, especially if they do a mixer.

If you google DJ 808 you will see that a lot of outlets list it as discontinued, major ones like sweetwater included. They might all not be but if their flagship one is then I imagine the rest will follow soon unless they surprise us next year with an 808 MKII or something. A lot of speculation on Reddit too in the DJ forums from reputable sources that they are done with DJ stuff for now.

I couldn’t really recommend you a controller since I don’t use them much and I’m a hobbyist not a pro. Can’t really go wrong with pioneer stuff though as it usually sounds pretty good. Reloop has a new one coming out early next year (mixon 8) that looks pretty cool. I like their stuff and currently have a Mixtour. Also had numark platinum fx for a bit which is a great deal for the features you get.

The chances of iOS /iPad OS ever, allowing third-party drivers is like windows fixing the system so that you never have the blue screen of death. it’s probably never going to happen.

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A random thought but the DJ 808 actually has a 5 pin midi out port. I wonder if you could run that to a class compliant audio/midi interface, map the controller manually in algoriddim, run the audio outputs of the interface to the inputs of the 808 (since it can act as a standalone mixer) so you can use its onboard effects and then run the audio out of the 808 to speakers.

I have no idea what sort of data comes out of the 808’s midi port and if it’s just clock for the drum machine or all the CCs/notes for the controller but it’s an interesting theory.

Hehe sounds like a plan, but kinda looking for a plug and play solution that works securely. I‘m really struggling to find a small controller, that actually has a good, balanced sound output, for gigs at clubs. I want to play with Djay on my IPad Pro, but it seems like there is no compact, high quality hardware on the market? And at the same time Djay iOS is not compatible with a lot of the CDJs I encounter at clubs.

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Roland dug its own grave by limiting itself to Serato and Macs/PCs. Kinda like Spotify choosing podcast over having a monopoly on the DJ streaming game.

Hi @Fresh27,

Unfortunately, as stated in this thread, this series of Roland controllers are non-class compliant therefore rendering them to be unsupported by djay.

However, in regard to your search for a plug-and-play controller with great functionality, I can offer some advice from personal use!

I use the DDJ-REV1 with both my iOS and macOS devices and find that the board is more than capable of providing a professional feel.

Additionally, the Reloop Mixon 4 contains a balanced output at the cost of a slightly bigger profile, however, this controller was built with djay in mind and offers complete compatibility!

I hope this information is helpful, and if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach back out to us. Have a great day!

Thanks for your Input Jru. Too bad there won’t be a future for Roland with Djay, atm.

The Rev won’t cut it for me with unbalanced outs and the Mixon is too big. Actually quite like the Beatpad 2 but I‘m unwilling to buy gear that specifically provides a slot for my iPad but the slot is too small for my iPad :clown_face:

From my understanding the Beatpad is discontinued by Reloop and won’t receive an update, correct?

Hi. I just got excited about the video of DVS and neural AI creating the instrumental and acapella versions of the track on the flip side of the dvs vinyl. From what I understand from the thread the problem with the Roland devices is that they don’t install their own driver when plugging into the iPhone AKA “class compliant” ? So what about plugging straight into a Macbook ? Would that allow use of my Roland DJ505 even if I have to manually map stuff ? Cheers.