Roland DJ-808 support?

Hello, this is probably wishful thinking on my part (and I know it’s only just been unveiled!) but I was wondering if Algorridim might have plans to support this beast at some point? Thanks

Anyone ever manage to map a DJ-808? If not are Algoriddim looking into it yet?

This would be awesome! I have a DDJ-SB2, perfect for mobile use. The 808 would be great for home production.

Only problem: how would djay handle the loops and drum tracks? Or would it be built in to the controller? I’ve yet to see one up close.

Hi there,

we are thankful for your feedback and every request provided is showing us the user demand for the controller mapping.
Keep on pushing the topic :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Me too… just god that awesome controller and want to use it with DJay Pro :slight_smile:

+1 PLEASE integrate a mapping !!!

I second the request for support for the Roland DJ-808. Time to sell the DDJ-SX2!

A mapping for the DJ-808 is a must. Keep up algoriddim.

Even a midi map file would be useful…

Any updates on this?

Any update on this…

I would also like this integration

So how are things? Sure could use a fix for the jogwheel/platters to function properly. If anyone has a midimapping project going on for this I would be thrilled to contribute :slight_smile:

Whats the latest on this topic? Are you not friends with Roland?

Yo peeps! The Roland series are just going to gain new followers because it is such a good piece of kit. Get on board wont you? We need a midimapping!! Pretty Pleeease :slight_smile:

with the jogwheels working as well? cause that is where I gave up last time - but yes I ́ll give another go then :slight_smile:

Hehehe - thank you for the challenge and supprt dude! I will let you all know how it goes - and if it goes well i will share the file right here :slight_smile:


Midi map would be great and real usb iPad support for Djay Pro (in colaboration?) would be fantastic. Please release some news to this thread.


Yes I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the 505 for a while and just bought it but didn’t realize it wasn’t mapped for DJay Pro please map that bad boy!!!

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Also Interested! :slight_smile: