Roll back to older versions of the Djay 2 app?

I just updated to version 2.8.1 of Djay 2 app. I made a mistake by not checking reviews or to have tested it out first. This latest version has several issues and it’s causing my mix flow many problems. Although not perfect, the previous version was working just fine for me. Algoriddim should have older versions available to download while they fix all of the bugs that come with “improved” newer versions.

I have (2) Ipad 2 with Djay 2, 2.8.1, IOS 9.2.1

Hi Leonardo Lopez,

are you still facing problems with the latest version of djay 2. It is not possible to downgrade a version.

Lukas E.

How can I roll back my version

You can drag the old app onto the iPad in iTunes.

No answer?

I have already put in a support ticket, but I thought I would share here in case others have issues. I would love a prior version too. It was updated 7 days ago by default, and now when I am cueing in one channel, the audible channel drops out considerably. When I depress the cue button on the cue channel, the sound goes back up to the proper volume. I was out wages for that night, and did everything that was recommended in the audio problems section on the Algoriddim site. This included trying different usb cords, etc. I also uni-installed and reinstalled the app and restarted by machine (iPad Air, Version 11.4). Please help! I have upcoming bar gigs, and these things pay the rent, y’know? Thank you!!