Rookie question- please help!

Speaking hardware-- what do I need in order to connect my MAC to two CDJs? 2 individual usb cables from each CDJ into my MAC?

Hi Zack,

yes exactly, you need to connect each CDJ to your Mac.

You can find a designated section on how to set up a CDJ setup in our Manual:

Hi there,

you can also select the individual CDJ decks in the external mixer mode (see screenshot) for deck 1 and 2.

After doing so connect the CDJs via their RCA cable to the mixer and you are good to go.

Thanks Lucas- as for the connecting the Mixer… I need to connect a USB to that as well, correct. So, a usb from both cdjs and the mixer into a USB hub that is connected to my computer…

From there, this is all I need to do for the connectivity? (see below)

Thanks Lukas… Still a little bit confused…

Are you saying that if I plug both usb cables into each individual cdj I do not need to plug one into the mixer…? I’ve been doing this and when I change external mixer mode to its respective deck, I don’t get full functionality of the mixer… (side not I have downloaded the drivers)