RoughRider3 AU Plugin can't select presets

I’m using RoughRider3 compressor in my djay pro AI iPad app to spice up my sound a bit. It’s a great plugin and especially helpful when you mix party tracks from the 70s and 80s with new hits.

Thing is, the dark title-header of the master out plugin page is overlapping the preset selection. So I can’t select a preset from RoughRider3. I have to manually adjust the values according to my needs. That would be no problem, if the settings would be saved. But they aren’t. I have to re-enter the values every time I use the app.

Would be nice, if the plugin window could show the whole plugin below the title header.

Can you please give us a step by step on how to do this?

Sure. Install RoughRider3 on your iPad (‎RoughRider3 im App Store). In djay app go to settings and choose RoughRider3 as your main/master output effect.
The area where you can pick a preset is overlayed with the title-header. But you can still change values. I use the values you see on the picture (basically the “Heavy Pump” preset you can’t choose).

This may help you too:

Scroll almost to the bottom here: Learn How to DJ - djay School | Algoriddim

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Did you ever find a workaround? I’ve tested a bunch of plugins and a lot of them don’t render correctly in DJAY whereas they work fine in every other host I own.

It looks more like something that should be fixed (aka ‘bug’) then a suggestion to me… :wink: