Looking for a controller for my Ipad and am torn between these two. Would like to get some feed back on a side by side comparison. As far as dependability, construction, expandability. In’s and out’s. Someone who has booth and that have a real feel of these two. Appreciate the help if any.

I have access to both at the moment, I’ve done a detailed review (on of the iDJ Pro and currently doing a similar review for the Spin 2.

If you have an iPad (1, 2 or 3) then I would opt for the iDJ Pro in a heartbeat. If you’re on a smaller device then the iDJ Pro maybe a bit big and your device wont fit as neatly into the centre section, which may lead you to consider the Spin 2.

The Spin 2 also works with the Mac, so it’s not iOS specific which maybe important to you.

You can play one of 6 samples using the Spin 2, but because the djay interface is the same as if you weren’t using a controller, there’s no way of loading different samples or changing their volume.

Here’s a link to a bunch of clips taken from an extended mix session on the Spin 2 and using DJay for iPhone;

Thanks for sharing your reviews, DJ Hombre!

Thanks. I like the fact that the spin 2 has different device capabilities. (good for back up purposes.)But I just don’t want to miss out on any major functions. Like the ability to drop samples or something to that effect. Thanks again and I will check out your review.