Routing Audio on the Pioneer XDJ-RR

Do you know if there is a way to map the channels as currently the sound is only playing through the master. If I can figure out how to map tot he two channels I will be ok to not see anything on the screen.

@MsTee well I can’t speak to the XDJ-RR because I don’t have one, but I can recommend that you check a couple of settings in djay. You’re using macOS so the menus will be a bit different than on my iPad, but this should point you into the right direction at least.

I would check your Audio Device Setup first and make sure that it’s showing multiple channels available for the Main Output and Pre-cueing. Normally you want channel 1-2 set for the main and 3-4 for pre-cueing.

The next place to look is in the MIDI Mapping area to see if you have separate MIDI Devices for your XDJ-RR Audio and XDJ-RR Control Surface. If so, I’d have a look at the Audio one. Hopefully that helps. Good luck!

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Thanks so much @Slak_Jaw. I really appreciate all that info!! I appear to have it all set up in line with your suggestions and still no joy. There is a good chance I am doing something dumb so will keep trying but there is also as much a possibility that @algoriddim have just not made it possible.

You’re welcome. Happy to help. Sorry that didn’t solve it for you though. Unfortunately, I’m fresh out of ideas. Have you reached out to Algoriddim support directly?

Hi @MsTee,

I’m sorry to hear that your issue has not been solved yet.

We’d love to hear from your directly via our support email so that we can get to the bottom of this. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi @NathanielAlgo,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have contacted your team directly and have spoken to Jennifer from your team who asked for setting screenshots. She has finally just replied to me to say that she can only provide support typically for the hardware that you do natively support and also provided a link to the list. I have previously mentioned that I am aware that the XDJ-RR is not on the list and all I need to know is if this is possible to manually map this or not as I am aware that you do not support my hardware (yet?). Can you help?

Hi @MsTee,

At this moment, @Emily 's answer regarding your XDJ-RR inquiry is really all that we can push for the time being.

We have passed this along to our testing team for further review and we’ll make sure to update this thread accordingly if and when new information comes through.

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I have been enquiring about a possible XDJ-RR support for DJay for years now. Almost all of the Pioneer XDJ line up is supported so I don’t really understand why the XDJ-RR is still not included.

From an earlier response, some people from the team said it was in the pipeline… will there ever be an update ?


Hello @Minou ,

Thanks for writing about this here in the Community.

We merged your post into this thread as they focus on the same topic.

Please take a look at @NathanielAlgo 's Solution post for an answer to your question.

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