routing decks to separate tracks in Ableton Live (using Jack Audio)


I am looking to route the audio from each deck to separate tracks in Ableton Live using Jack Audio (

I haven’t been able to figure out how to get JACK to recognize DJay - any suggestions?

I’m on windows 10 btw…

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it might be better to tell us what your end goal is and we might be better able to suggest a workflow that, y’know, works…

I’m looking to internally route audio from each deck in DJay to individual tracks in Ableton Live.

I have Traktor and Ableton set up that way by using JACK

so in ableton you’re doing what to the streams, proceesing them with plugins/addons?

I’m making mixes/remixes, and I want each deck to record to a separate track in Ableton

yeah, I’m sure it won’t work because they’re a few steps ahead of you.
just record one song at a time using the built-in recorder and import to Ableton.