Routing voiceover output to headphone channels on djms7 mixer on IOS?

Not sure if I’m missing something. The DJamS7 seems to be configured a little different when it comes to routing VO to the headphone/cue channels of the mixer on IOS.
If anyone can help me out. How can I get the speech and sound channels of Voiceover to output to the headphone/cue channels of the pioneer DJMS7?

Hi @Roman,

Thanks for posting this question on our Community. My apologies for the delay.

I’ve double-checked with our technical team about this, and unfortunately it looks like this won’t be possible on the DJM-S7. The headphone output on the S7 is controlled by the mixer itself, and so there isn’t a way to send the VoiceOver signal to the headphone channel only.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.