same song on both decks


please - load the same song to both decks and try to “auto” sync.
is there a way to mix the same song by autosync?
If i press “sync” the song on the second deck steps to the same
time (min,sec) like the song on the first deck…

kind regards

djay2, pioneer wego3, ipad air

Hey Guys.
Here is a video I posted not too long ago.
Deck 1- Track 1
Deck 2- Same Track.
When Deck 1 is playing, hit Sync on Deck 2. THEN…
If you time it right, when you hit your chosen Cue button on Deck 2 the Sync will stay on (note: if it falls out of Sync, Don’t hit the Sync button. Otherwise Deck 2 will go to Deck one’s exact position).

Hi, I’m getting the same problem! If I play a song on deck one and I cue up the same song on deck two to a different point in the song as deck one and then press “sync”, the second deck will jump to the position of the song that deck one is at! Please fix!

Hi guys,

thank you for your posts.

In order to mix the same songs manually, if you changed the BPM of one song sync and mix afterwards. If the BPM’s are the same you can start your mixing right away.

I hope this helps to explain things.
Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, thanks for your reply. If i start the song on deck one, load the same song to deck two, change bpm and only once press “sync” it starts playing and steps to same position as deck one…only the chance to mix manually? :wink: kind regards Michael

Hi Lucas.

Same problem here and seems to be common.
When trying to duplicate the same song on both decks with different cue points and SYNC’d, it doesn’t work regardless of tempo.

Imagine trying to extended a short song by remixing the same song into itself, it cant be done presently.

Thanks for any support.

Happy New Year!!