Sample Button Naming - DJay & iDJ Pro

The Samples feature is Sweet on the iDJ Pro with DJay & seems to work like a charm, but does anyone know if the recorded samples can be named?

The default buttons ‘Kick’, ‘Snare’ etc are pretty self explanatory, but recording a sample, lists each as ‘Sample 1,2,3’ etc. If these can be named ‘Amen Scratch’ it would be easier to know what is what, is this possible???

Also can you only record samples or is it possible to upload pre-created mp3 samples?


the recorded samples cannot be renamed at the moment.

Yep, our developers are already working on improving the library.

hi compitan,

you can load mp3 samples with itunes.
go to App, see under and copy&paste samples in the Djay app…
and you have also the right tittle of samples… but need to write short name…

Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
It is very difficult to choose songs when the tittle are cut !!!
Since this problem… some update… but nothing !!!
A lot of people talk about this BIG PROBLEM !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so …

I am going to insist until the problem is not solved !


Nice one - Thanks Selecta, I hadn’t thought about syncing them in the App!

& Yeah the title view needs sorting!!! - im currently renaming all tracks in iTunes & messing up my library just so they can be seen in DJay/iDJ Pro