Sample Loudness


When I record a sample in djay ai, it is not that loud as the original in the deck.?!

What can I do to have the same loudness?

thank you


I also suggest for this. I would like to amplify my samples after I record them on the decks.

Hey @jessefunk , @DJ_Norm

Thank you for posting regarding this!

The option to adjust individual samples’ volumes is not yet available on djay, but it’s something we’re working on :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you posted with any updates as soon as available. Cheers!

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Apart from samples being quieter, I also note that session recordings are at a much lower amplitude as well.

Any recoding that is then loaded back into Djay shows the waveform as really ‘flat’ and it sounds quieter.

I have to load it into Audacity to amplify the recording to make it ‘normal’ again.

So, not directly linked to recorded samples but I think any recording through Djay is quieter than the original source.


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