Sample names reset to default after saving the changes

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Hey there, team, hope y’all are well.

I’m reporting a new bug that sample names are sometimes reset to default. However, I changed the sample names after recording my sound effect, but the sample name is displayed back to the original as a date and a time when I pressed the ‘Done’ button. Sometimes it does not reset. When I recorded a second sample for my different sound effect, and changed the name of the second sample, after pressing the “Done” button to finish typing the new name of the second sample, the first and second samples are displayed the names back to the original. This is a bug right?

Model: iPad (6th generation)
iOS version: 17.4
DJay version: 5.1.3

Hi @Geezeption, thanks for sharing this. I tried to reproduce this on my setup and it’s working as expected. Can you please try to capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, and share a link to the video here? This will help us try to replicate the issue and investigate further. Thanks!

Sure, here is the video of the second sample. The first one I was testing was fine, the name of the first sample was not reset at that time. I closed and reopened the sample section to see if it was not reset by default by closing the sample section, no issue. Now I found the issue for the second time, as you can see the video while I was testing the second sample, which I thought the name of the second sample had been reset by closing the sample section. Not all samples occur, it depends a lot on which sample has the same issue as this when I try to save the new name. Or maybe just the day I record a new sample and then change the name, it is not always reset after saving the new name.

So in this video I recorded 2 samples to test today and then I started a screen recording of the issue. I also recorded the video of the first sample without showing the issue, I didn’t know that the issue was going to appear in the first video, so I deleted it. Finally, the issue appears in the second video. But the first sample name wasn’t reset at that time when the second sample was reset, (sometimes). Which is pretty strange.

Thanks for the video @Geezeption. That really helps.

  1. I’m going to forward this to the engineering team to see if they can replicate the issue as I haven’t been able to.
  2. In the meantime, please close djay and all other apps then perform a Forced Restart on your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA)).
  3. After rebooting update djay to the latest 5.1.4 version then test the sample renaming again to see if that fixes the issue.


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