Sample Record Button a "no show" in Pro 2

Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot locate the sample record buttons in the sample panel like in the previous version. Maybe I’m getting senile but I cannot record new samples, please help.

Hi there,

we are happy to inform you,
that we added support for recording samples from deck and microphone with djay Pro 2.0.4.

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Lukas E.

Use the two main decks to record your samples. Once recorded save to the samples folder in Djay Pro 2.

Have you try recording your samples in the main decks and saving the recorded samples to the samples folder in Djay Pro 2?

Recording in djay pro 2.

That is because you have to close Djay Pro 2 and relaunch the application again for the software to see it.

hi, I’ve got the same problem. the three deck record buttons don’t show up in my sampler. I can use the keyboard shortcuts to record new samples (Shift-Option-b/n/m) and they seem to work, but then there is no file of what I’ve sampled, so I can’t add it to the Samples folder. I’m running djay pro 2.0.2. (note that I’m a blind user and use the Mac screen reader for blind people, VoiceOver. I don’t know if this adds to the issue.)

well, what do you mean by “recording in the main decks”? I’ve tried sampling using the keyboard shortcuts, but then I can’t find any file of the sample. do you mean recording in djay pro or using another software?

ok, I think I got it now. I recorded a session with only the audio snippet that I wanted to sample, then I copied it in the Samples folder. it works, but not always. when I edit the sampler setup in order to include my own sample, for some reasons some of the files I copied to the Samples folder show up while other files don’t. I’ve saved them all in wav format.

ok. thank you.