Sampler bank button

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  • Device model MacBook Pro 2019
  • Version of operating system latest version
  • Version of djay latest version
  • Hardware/controllers used ddj 800

hi, im using the ddj 800 and ive been trying to switch between sampler banks using the button on the controller but as much as I try I can’t get it to work. is there a fix for it

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Hi @Temi_Siyanbola, thanks for the details about your setup and your question.

  1. By “Sampler Banks”, can you please confirm that you mean these buttons on the DDJ-800?
  2. I need to double check with the engineering team because I don’t have access to a DDJ-800. However, I’m pretty sure that the Sampler Bank buttons are not supported in djay, because the Sampler in djay only has 16 Pads total. 8 on the left deck and 8 on the right deck and there are no MIDI commands in djay for loading or switching different Sample Packs. You need to change these manually.

yes those are the buttons that don’t work

Hi @Temi_Siyanbola, I confirmed my statement above with the engineering team. The Sampler Bank buttons do not have a corresponding feature in djay. Thanks!

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