Sampler - djay for ipad

I have djay for ipad and recently i purchased djay for mac. I found that djay for mac has samples buttons included - great feature i m missing from the ipad version.
I was planning to purchase the future numark idjay pro, but without sample buttons, i might need to stick to ipad version and go for pioneer ddj ergo which supports djay for mac.

So…pls add the sample feature in the ipad version!


i agree samples would make a huge difference

I just tried out dj rig and Djay is much better. Dj rig seems like one of the many free apps just upgraded a wee bit. I will use it just for fun but djay is much better quality. The only thing missing is the sample button which I’m sure is coming in a update soon. I use it with the vestax spin and it works flawless. I use djay in my iPad, iPhone and iMac… Best dj program hands down.


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

after trying Dj Rig app I realized that everything is included.

DJ Rig: 4 banks of samples, each with 9 samples + recording option + factory samples +ability to listen to sample before loading it(m4a format) + …the jogwheels are a pleasure :slight_smile:

the only problem is that the layout is a mess (mainly because of the missing ipad version). if they will fix the layout and release an ipad version, goodbye djay!

maybe djay will finally include the samples with the release of the version for numark idjay pro and many will be happy, including me… but who knows?

I must agree : We want the samples !!!

Absolute right!

Put SAMPLES on ipad version!!!


yes they would and seeing as there are so many people using Djay, they need to listen to the users and make it a more usable app. Samples would be amazing, it is just what I need or a 3rd deck for samples instead of buttons.

Totally agree! I just bought iDJ Pro and have been trying to figure out a way to add samples to my mixes ( aside from using the cues). The addition of samples would be a fantastic addition. Please do this!

If you use Djay iPad-Version with the Numark iDJ Pro for iPad you will have the “Sample”-Buttons right know…an d its works fine :slight_smile: yeah!!
I do not know if it is also available without the Controller.

the sample trigger buttons on the pioneer ddj-wego work but I’d like to be able to change the samples, or record new ones on the fly. if this is possible its not very clear how to do so, I tried adding some wav’s to the app data through itunes but no luck.