SAMPLER does NOT save User Presets in Djay2

Go to “My Presets” in the Djay2 sampler.
Select “Save New Preset”.
Back to sampler and select “Edit”
Choose a button to change and click on the note icon.
Choose any sample
Click “Done”
Test the sample and it should work.

Now choose any other Preset and then go back to the one you just modified and you will find that your changes were not saved.


There are two ways to save your presets until this is fixed.

1: When you have finished arranging the new preset as you want it and have pressed “DONE”. Go back to the “My Presets” menu and click on “Save New Preset”. This will make a copy of your new preset, and it WILL save it.
All that’s left to do now is delete the one you first created and rename the new copy.

2: After you make your changes and select “done”. Unload Djay2 from memory.
That means pressing the home key once, to get back to the main screen. Then double click the home key to bring up the task list and take Djay out of memory.
This forces Djay to save the preset.

For Algoriddim Support:

Create a user preset ie “Preset 4”. Click done. Go back into “My presets” and delete all Pre-sets. “Preset 4” is still showing. Remove Djay from memory. Re-start Djay and open Sampler. it will show “Preset 4” with all samples still working (even though you just deleted all presets), but go into “My Presets” and the list is empty!!!

I installed a fresh copy of DJay2 with nothing added, and the same results.

“some serious issues” - relating to TraktorDJ and iOS 7…not all apps are affected & djay 2 (and a few other DJ + music apps) appear to be stable for me on iOS 7 so far.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late reply.

If I understood the descriptions here correctly, then I believe this is just a misunderstanding on how the “Save Preset” works.

When saving a new preset, it saves the CURRENT state of the sampler, which means that if you edit the sampler AFTER saving the preset, then this doesn’t get included in the previous preset.

So, to create a new preset, first edit all the samples as desired and then hit “Save New Preset”. This is why the workaround (1) works, because it describes how it’s meant to be used.

By the way, yes, if a preset is currently loaded, then it will stay there even after deleting the actual preset under “My Presets” until you load another preset. Otherwise, the question would be, which preset should be loaded after the currently loaded preset gets deleted?

Hey SteNight,
I just tested it and you are absolutely right, Djay2 does not save user created presets. I used the first method you suggested as a workaround and it did the trick. Good job.

Well, I feel like when forum moderators are comunicating with devs, don’t stress enough how important some of the reported problems&suggested ideas are.

Going off topic here. Have you upgraded to IOS 7 yet? I’m holding off untill I make sure that everything works ok. When I bought my ipad I made a mistake and upgraded to 6.1.3 not knowing that I wouldn’t be able to jb it. So far, Algoriddim claims that Djay2 works fine with IOS7 but NI suggests to Traktor DJ users that they shouldn’t update yet as there are some serious issues.

SteNight has a point here. Let’s keep things simple. Might I add to his list of ideas the optional autogain function for the samples so you don’t have to worry about the volume difference. Also, option to loop samples in sync with playing track.

Back to the off part. Audiobus devs advise users not to update yet, NI did so aswell…now I’m reading about people having issues with Djay2. I’ll take your advice on waiting for a “proper” JB to come out. Atm IOS7 doesn’t bring anything exciting enough for me to upgrade. I might even JB 6.1.3 and stick with it as I am sure that “holes” that will be used to JB IOS7 exist in prior version aswell. Btw. Have you read that ipad battery of lasts less on IOS 7? For those of us that are planning to use that single port to connect a controller it’s a serious issue.

This will definitely take some time to iron out. Atm, sitting comfortably in my chair , watching the drama without popcorns(midimap) though :slight_smile:
Btw, have you tried DJ Player? They just released an update. Looks cool, has more options, 4 deck support, better fx section, less bugs and on the top of things supports midi mapping . It’s 19.99 but you can download a trial version. Also, NI made new S2/S4 mkIl’s supported by Traktor DJ. Check out the videos on their site, seems like they’ve put a lot of effort into integration of software and hardware. From what I’ve seen, shown mappings are quite functional and organised to my likings.

Can you believe they didn’t fix this bug in 2.1 but added more sample packs that you cant save in your own preset!!!
Maybe we need some people to +1 this.

By the way. The history sets don’t save properly either but I will add a new error log for that. It’s a real pain that i have to go and test out all the issues I have because they never detail a bug fix list.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near ios 7 until I let a few million rats in the lab (eager people like us) find out where the few remaining mouse traps are and get zapped, leaving the way clear!!!
It is possible that Djay is now stable on IOS 7 but some of the ios7 components that it relies on may not be and they wont be able to do anything about it without Apple updates/bug fixes.
As Dr. Phil says “past performance is a good indicator for future behavior”, and how many IOS Version upgrades have you seen released that weren’t followed very shortly after by urgent updates to fix battery usage, security holes, wifi issues etc etc.

Phain. You were waiting for ios7 so you could JB and use your own midi configs like I do on 6.1.2. So not only should you wait for the JB to come out, but then reading above, you should most probably wait until a few updates of the jailbreak to come out too!! But atleast with the Jailbreak you should be able to take it back off if there is a problem, unlike ios7 :wink:

Hi Warren. You are correct! I am in fact going to have to concede the fact that it is a design flaw.

It would only make sense (without any instructions & based on any other sampler program i use) that with Any sample preset showing you should be able to change the sample layout by doing the following.

1: Press “edit”
2: Change a sample
3: Press " done"
4: use your sample

This is all thats nessasary and should save the preset.This isnt the case and only temporarily keeps the configuration until you select another preset. It doesnt make any sense at all. I need it to be saved as I switch between presets many many times per set and this has to be dynamic.

Here is how you are telling me it is designed to be used.

1: Press “edit”
2: Change a sample
3: Press " done"
4: press sample preset button
5: press “save new preset”
6: rename preset
7: click away from the preset window to make to go away.
8: use your sample

“save new preset” says it all. I dont want to save a new preset, that works fine. I want to edit an existing preset.

With respect. No DJ wants to use your preset samples as you have designed them out of the box. The first thing they want to do is change their order and remove and add samples.
If. As it is designed. A user is not allowed to modify the supplied sample presets it makes it much harder to use live.

The user has to:

Press sampler button to open the samples window
press the sample presets button
press “my presets”
press a preset.
Now because the window doesnt dissapeer click anywhere out side of the box to make that go away.
Use your sample.
Then go through the whole process again to select a new modified preset.

This is one of the issues that you can deal with when you are sitting in your bedroom using Djay as a toy. But if, as I do, Use it live 5 to 6 times a week for 3 to 4 hours per set, It makes it unusable and forces me to use Audiobus with NoisePad that gives me unlimited samples the way i want them very quickly.

That being said. I would prefer to have Djay work properly and just use one program.

This is not a program idea its a program flaw. Here are the program Ideas.

1: One finger selection of sample “presets” ie. no popup windows
2: Option for smaller buttons & 24 samples (for ipad)
3: Drag & drop layout
4: Wet & Dry control
5: Volume control for each sample
6: Looping samples
7: Midi control to select a number of select samples, not just the currently selected preset.

These features are available in “noisepad” & “samples” & can be used at the same time as Djay.

Also. The volume is limited for the sampler and is very often lower than the song.If I immediately switch to noisepad and choose the same sample I can make it come out at the correct volume level.

BTW I Love Djay :wink:

Speak and the devil shall appear. Phain have you seen the IOS7 issues that are already starting to come in!!

Jesus Christ Phain! Looks like my original advice of “I wouldn’t go anywhere near io7” above, was better foresight than I thought. The pioneer we-go won’t even work with it at the movement and pioneer have said dont upgrade because those nice people at apple have made sure you can’t go back to io6. I’m still on 6 working with the wego and living with the bugs.
Two more bugs have popped up since upgrading to djay 2.1.1 but being jailbroken I can go back to the backup I made before upgrade or re-install an older version (there are issues with audiobus detecting it and
This is not looking good for professional use of DJ hardware & software.
My advice is that if what you have at the moment is stable and working. Don’t change anything until you see ALL the problems popup in the Djay,Controller manufacturer & apple forums.