Sampler Settings

I would like to see a setting for the Sampler to be able to use it similar to a Cue point where when you press the pad that the Sample is set to, it stops if you release the pad…


This would be handy setting option for sure. Sometimes you just want to stutter the sample and have it stop instead of continuing to play.


My exact thoughts…l believe Serato offer this

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Please all vote to have this prioritized and implemented, especially being able to ‘Stop’ a sample at will. Suggested options; Hold, One Shot, Trigger, Loop, and Drag to deck.

The only way I found to ‘Stop’ a sample is to change the ‘Sample Pack’ you are currently viewing, which slows down your work flow and interrupts your creativity.

thank you


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Hi All,

Thanks for your input about adding more Sampler settings! We encourage others in the Community to vote on this topic or add related suggestions here. :pray: