Samples localisation

I’m trying to find the way to download my sample effects that I set up in Djay Pro. It seems like it won’t exist in my computer. I wan t to use a sample in an other software but I can’t reach it.
How can I do to have my sample library outside Djay pro?

Hi there. If you have made your own samples you should be able to use them in any application however, I don’t think you can download the existing samples found in djay on other applications. if this is your question.

It’s exactly what I mean. I need to find the ones I made but I can’t find them in any folder and from the software I dont’t find how to do…

Hi there. If you have already made the sample and you have successfully imported them into Djay they should be in the folder that you saved them in. my apologies in advance if I am not completely understanding this question. If you want to import the sample that you have already made this can be done within the app please clarify so I can better understand or perhaps somebody else on the forum may understand this better

I haven’t imported them into Djay because I use two audio files and record it from the sampler tool. I have one own sample on Djay but I can’t see it in any fold out of Djay. Did I make myself clearer ?

Ok I think I get you now. Check under recordings in Djay. You should find it there.

Hi @mamaloba,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

I wanted to follow-up and see if @Djdash’s great points were of any help to you regarding this sampler inquiry?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Well, no… I’ve recorded a sample through the recording sample tool, and I can’t find the files in any part of my computer… because it was part of an other sound files that I sample. But the recorded sample doesn’t exist out of the sample library…

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