Samsung flagship devices and USB audio latency with Djay 2

I have been using djay 2 on many platforms (Mac, iOS and Android). I also purchased the Reloop Beatpad controller so i can use multichannel audio.

On Android i noticed that all Samsung latest devices will have significant audio latency issues when using Reloop beatpad to control djay which makes it unusable.

On Nexus devices (nexus 6, 6P, Nexus 9, Pixel C) the latency between the controller and Djay is very low, almost at iOS level and totally workable.

On Samsung devices (Note 5, Galaxy tab s2, Galaxy S6 etc) the latency between when you click something on the controller until djay reacts is terrible making it unusable. I think it’s between 0.5-1 second.
If i use the app without the controller and only use headphones for audio, the latency is almost gone on those Samsung devices.

I know Samsung is using their own API for Pro Audio to get the lower latency audio going and it seems like Djay only support the stock android Pro audio API.
Are you guys planning to add support for Samsung’s own low latency implementation? They are the biggest android OEM out there and sadly they have chosen to create their own API for pro audio vs. going with what google created.
The latest Samsung tablets are measured at only 28ms latency for audio when using their API.

I just updated my Note 5 to Android 6.0.1 and the latency with the controller seems to be mostly resolved.
There is a new problem though, the app audio is not stuttering (even without the controller being plugged in, when only using regular headphones). The audio is only stuttering with Djay 2, not any other audio app on the phone.

Oh well, i guess it will take time to work out the bugs :slight_smile:

Hi there,

thank you Jonathan for pointing this out. The latency problems are due to the Samsung firmware and like you noticed, the Google Nexus series are the most stable Android devices.
We are aware of this problem and want to thank you for pointing it out. Please stay tuned for further informations and updates regarding this topic.

We try to get this fixed but can not give out specific informations about our future plans, our apologies.


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