Save "Auto Gain" override adjustment with each track

I dig the auto-gain feature and I leave it on, but it would be nice if - when I have to manually adjust the tiny little gain slider near the VU meter - it would stay where I left it next time I load the track. Sometimes djay pro detects that a song is a little louder than it is and turns it down too far, so I have to turn that little guy up before I mix in to that song. I wish the app would save that sliders position where I need it with the song (like how my cue points are saved with each song). That way, I don’t have to remember to adjust it (and where to adjust it) every time I load that track in to a deck. Is there already a way to save this position, or is this a feature suggestion?

I’ve been curious about this too – the Save EQ settings options appears to save the Hi/Mid/Lo settings but not the overall gain. I’m not incredibly proficient on sound engineering… is it practically the same raising all three bands up +1.0 dB as it would be adjusting the overall track gain?