Save BPM adjustments

Searched first…doesn’t appear to be a feature (yet):

I run a ballroom dance studio, within which we heavily use djay for tempo adjusting. Two features that would be fantastic to have:

  1. Instructing djay to adjust BPM for an entire playlist.

Example: Waltz’s in the American style should be played at 90bpm. The American Waltz playlist could be set so djay automatically adjusts any song pulled from that playlist to play at 90bpm.

  1. Preset BPM for songs within a playlist

Example: We host social dance parties. Would be tremendously helpful to instruct djay on a per-song basis, within a playlist, to load them at a set BPM.

In case anyone is wondering: “why not ask the person playing the songs to make the adjustments?”
-The people who can do this are all professionals participating in the party, and ideally only dash over to do tempo adjustments as little as possible :smile:

Many, many thanks in advance. If it helps: I pitch this product to colleagues all the time, and I’ve been using it for years. Features like this would make it almost a no-brainer for studios to invest in.

Thanks for the suggestion @Christopher_Whitten. I’ve sent it to the dev team for consideration.