Save cue points

Is there a way to delete from the media library everything except saved cue points via an editor or similar?

I would say no because I don’t know of any way of displaying whether a track has cue points before you load it onto one of the decks. :confused:

Hi @Chris_R,

Could you please share more about what you’d like to delete exactly from the media library? It would be helpful to know more about your desired goal in doing this so that we could more easily provide any helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance!

I just wanted to start over with the media library, also because unfortunately the metadata of titles are stored there that you have long since deleted from the playlistst. However, I also did not want to simply delete the library, because just setting the cue points makes a lot of work. So I wanted to clean up a little bit in the library.

As far as I would understand, cue points are saved independently of whether a track is saved in My Collection. I would suggest to try it out by deleting a track from there and re-adding it to see whether its cue points are still there.

Thanks for sharing more about what you’d like to do. So there are a couple of things to keep in mind here. If your iCloud Syncing is working correctly, then this should allow you to be able to rename/remove the “djay Media Library” file from where it’s currently stored in the Files app. I would make sure that you back up this original file first just in case! After doing this, the next time you launch djay, a new media library file will be created, and it should pull down all the cue points of any tracks you add to your library from iCloud.

Other than that, you would just need to manually delete My Collection->Playlists and tracks from My Collection->Music in djay to do some cleaning up as you’ve described. Of course, at the moment, this is only possible one track at a time. Our Team is working on making multi-select deleting possible in the near future, which would make this task easier.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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