Save location of selected item in library / playlist

When i select a song to play and then switch to another playlist and then go back to the playlist where i elected a song, that selection has been reset. I would love it if selections are saved so that i dont have to browse and search again for the song that had been selected. So that when i switch between playlists there is a saved selection which shows up, the position of the view of the playlist is anchored to that selected item. Also, when i have selected and start playing a song i would like there to be a simple way to go to that song in the playlist or music library. Like, a right click on the player and choose “select song” or something like that. In the best of worlds i never have to scroll to find what’s playing or to find what i had just selected. Thanks!


Hi @Johan_Rosenberg,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion in our community!

I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further review.

Have a good day!

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