Save SFX presets

I have created a number of sound effect samples and created a preset for them but it does not save them all on that preset - so if I change back to a Sample Preset and then try and go back in to My Preset all of the samples that I saved to that preset are no longer there. Hope this makes sense and that you have a fix for it.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Which djay version do you have?
  • Also, please provide step-by-step instructions on how you try save the presets.

Ah I see, that’s why. :slight_smile:

The save preset feature saves the current state of the sampler. So the workflow is:

  1. tap Edit
  2. load the samples
  3. then save the preset

Hope this helps.

IOS 7.1.1
Djay v2.2.2
Firstly I create/select my preset, then I’m clicking on the EDIT button, then clicking on the + symbol on one of the preset sample sfx, then selecting one of my samples to store in it’s place, then click on DONE. My new sfx is showing where it should and works perfectly, but when I change back to a set of sample presets and then back again to my samples the ones I have just saved are no longer there and has gone back to the original sample.

Hope this helps.