Save state when minimized

App opens as if nothing was loaded if I had loaded songs. After I open the app it loads with nothing in the decks.

Hi Lukas,

So I load two songs on decks A & B. Before playing I check my e-mail, 15 seconds or so later I reopen the now minimized DJay Pro app, loe and behold — after a long loading time and the usual splash screen like from zero state — the app opens afresh. It’s as if I hadn’t loaded anything.

Same applies when I actually play a song, transition to deck 2, then need to pause it for a few seconds to do something. As soon as I re-open the minimized app which I’ve minimized not 30 seconds ago, again with the splash screen, long loading time, as if I had force quit the app, once it’s open again, nothing in the decks.

It basically goes to zero state if I minimize for more that 10 seconds or so.

Tried to uninstall then reinstall to no avail.


Hey Rakanlam,

are you opening the app all new in a new session?

Can you tell me a bit more about your issue?

Cheers,Lukas E.