Save Tags in file ?

What about to save tags inside the file ?

One common way is to use the Genre as the master-level tag, and then put multiple tags in the Comments.

Genre: EDM
Comments: ambient, d&b, house, electro, techno, trance, hardstyle


  • Meta-data/Tag editing is only available in djay macOS under “My Collection” or “Files”, with very limited access in Apple Music. There is no meta-data/tag editing in djay iOS. I’m not sure about the status of Windows and Android.

  • Otherwise, you can edit tags in a 3rd party program.

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There’s no tag editing in Windows.

People do find it strange that certain features, standard in other DJ software, are not available cross-platform - or at least on similar platforms (MacOS vs Windows).

This has been mentioned for example by Phil at Digital DJ Tips in his reviews.