Saved Loop Activate MIDI Command - not working

iPad 12.9 (2018), latest Djay version, subscribed, Pioneer DDJ-SX2….that’s the technicals sorted.

So, on the Roll / Saved Loop pads, I select Saved Loops, the midi action associated is ‘saved loop activate’, problem is, all it does is turn the GUI saved loop section blue (active) or white (inactive), it doesn’t actually go to the start of the loop and play from there.
The blue light comes on (screen) to say it’s active but the track carry’s on playing as if nothing has happened. If I press the on-screen button it turns blue and jumps to the start of the loop.

It appears as though the MIDI command is doing a part of the process ( changing the on screen button colour) but not the main part of actually jumping to the loop start.

I’ve edited the command to ‘saved loop reloop’ and pressing that at any point sends the track straight to the saved loop start and off it goes (as expected), while it’s a workaround I have to press the Autoloop button to disengage the loop, whereas with the other option it would be a straight toggle on / off.

If you activate the ‘saved loop active’ function just before the waveform goes off screen, when you hit the controller pad you can see the waveform change to show the loop is active but it clearly doesn’t jump to the start of the loop.

I can’t add a video here but here’s the Dropbox link, at the start you can see the GUI changing colour when I hit the pad, the waveform change as it goes off the screen and finally I hit the other pad programmed to the reloop function and it jumps as expected.

One for the technicians to have a look at.


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Just bumped this so that it gets acknowledged as a bug and doesn’t slip off the bottom of the screen……:wink:

Hi @sooteee, Thanks for bumping the topic and sorry for the late reply. Thanks also for being so thorough in describing the issue here. I’ve passed this through to our technical team to take a look at, and I’ll get back to you with news as soon as I hear back.

Thanks in advance for your patience and thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Everything works correctly, you’re just using the wrong MIDI action. The one you’re looking for is called „Saved Loop Reloop“

What your action is doing is activating the saved loop so that when the track reaches that position, the loop will start. Reloop does that, plus it jumps there :slight_smile:


Hey @sooteee,

I also just wanted to follow up to what @djjoejoe shared (thanks @djjoejoe!) as I’ve heard back from our technical team.

With the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, both the “Saved Loop Reloop” and the “Saved Loop Activate” MIDI actions are already implemented in the default mapping in djay. This means that if you press the pad, it’s mapped to “Saved Loop Activate”. Pressing the pad + Shift is mapped to “Saved Loop Reloop”.

What you’d need to do to achieve the actions you’ve described in your post then is to first press Shift + pad to jump to the loop and if you want to jump out of the loop, you would then press the pad again and the loop is deactivated.

Please let me know if that helps. Or if you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to help you further.

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@Emily @djjoejoe
Thanks both, it was sort of unintuitive to me but after further playing around I can see what is happening.

I’d never activated a loop and then played up to it to see it automatically start looping and what I wanted was the reloop option (shift and pad) as the default.

I’ll remap the functions on the controller so they are reversed from the default setting as I’m far more likely to use a loop ‘hot’ than be prepared for it in advance!

Cheers both, I’m usually quite good with this stuff for a 50+ old codger (we only had vinyl in my day), but it’s more my usage requirement (rather than the system) that was at fault!!

Put it down to an ID10T error!! :rofl:

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No need to talk yourself down, these systems are kind of advanced and we all run into unexpected behavior when using them :slight_smile:


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